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The Richville Memory Tree

The Richville memory tree was started in 2009.  It was the idea of Doris Cota and Bobbie and Harry Mitchell to honor their son Brian Mitchell.  The Mitchell's donated the evergreen tree that's planted outside the library and Doris donated the lights.  Every year the tree is lit and ordained with the names of loved ones who have passed.  It's a tradition in the little village of Richville that's celebrated with Christmas carols, hymns, laughter, and stories with cookies and hot chocolate afterwards.  People are not only purchasing a tag with their loved ones names, but they are contributing directly to the Richville community.  All proceeds go directly towards a community based group or project. A list of previous organizations who have benefited from the memory tree can be seen further on down this page.  If you are interested in learning more about the memory tree please contact Elaine Terpstra at 287-4089 or Kim Cummings at 854-1458.  

2009-Richville rockets 4-H
2010-Richville Playground
2011-Care packages for Soldiers and the Richville Baptist Chapel Chair Fund
2012-Care packages for Soldiers and the Hart Fabrics Wounded Warrior Quilt project
2013-Richville Baptist Church Food pantry
2014-Richville United Church Window Fund and the Richville Baptist Church Newsletter
Larry Pratt hangs a name

The memory tree in all it's glory

Jenn Shippee helping out

Last minute adjustments

Gathering for the moment of silence

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